Saturday, September 14, 2013

And so the projects begin...

To say that I've always wanted a blog might be taking things a little too far; but recently so many people have shown interest in keeping up with my life (even though I already live in a glass house so to speak). The natural conclusion...start a blog. Maybe people won't get their hopes too high, or maybe I just won't let them down. Either way, tonight I begin this journey of chronicling my life and activities. 
My latest passions, other than my Lord, my family, and all things Disney have been refinishing furniture. Not just the sanding, restaining, and varnishing that instantly comes to mind...but the as my husband calls it "ruining a pretty piece of furniture" sort of refinishing. Before the influx of chalk and milk paint on the design scene, I often found myself being made fun of for liking furniture that was painted and then "scratches up."  I am by no means a "wood purist," though I am a sucker for velvety smooth walnut finishes and intricate inlays. But give me some gloriously chippy milk-painted buffet or a buttery soft chalk painted dresser with light distressing and I go to a happy place. My hopes from this blog are to be able to share that happy place with you. And so, dear readers we begin this journey together. 

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