Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2nd Grade Christmas Play

Last night was the 2nd Grade Christmas Play at W.S. Neal Elementary.  Here's our copy of the video.  It may or may not be a little biased to our little boy and a sweet little girl from church :)

Finding Deals

It's been a while since I've posted, but this morning I came across a deal too good to pass up :)
Right now, Living Social has a deal for $12 for an Enjoy the City coupon book.  In their local areas, they have one for Pensacola (the closest to me) plus lots of other areas across the country.  This coupon book has lots of GREAT coupons for the area including 4 $5 off of $30 Winn Dixie coupons that can be used at Publix!!  Amazing!!  This book pays for itself with the Winn Dixie coupons itself!  Check it out here.
And don't forget to go through Ebates through this link to get 4% Cash Back!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Homemade Chalkboard Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this tutorial on the HGTV website from Miss Mustard Seed herself.  I knew instantly that I NEEDED a large chalkboard for myself!!  I just needed the right supplies.  While I was in my favorite thrift store in Milton, FL, Helping Hand Missions, I saw a gorgeous, excessively large curvy mirror.  The frame was plastic and ugly but it had a wood grain...I had found my supplies.  The mirror was SO heavy.  I had to get two men who worked in the store to carry it to the register for me and then put it in my car.  I didn't let the weight of it scare me though.  Adam got it out of the car when I got home and we proceeded to take the mirror out of the frame.  Talk about relief!! The frame weighed next to nothing, but I think that was the single-most heavy piece of glass/mirror I've ever seen in my life.  I followed Miss Mustard Seed's directions and purchased some hardboard and Rustoleum Chalk-Board paint and got to work.  I painted the frame in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Aubusson Blue and waxed it with Miss Mustard Seed's Antiquing Wax and Furniture Wax.
*note the particular ugliness of the frame

Then my wood working-proficient hubby cut down the hardboard for me and I started painting it.  First, I primed the hardboard with some spray Kilz primer.  Then I started the chalkboard paint coats.
The first coat looked pretty rough.
The second coat looked better.
And the third coat is what sealed the deal.  I put the chalkboard into the frame and proceeded to wait for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!  I know, right, but the chalkboard paint has to cure before you can start writing on it :(  Major bummer. 
Once my three days were up, it was time to season the chalkboard!!
To season a chalkboard you rub a piece of chalk sideways all over the chalkboard, covering it with chalk dust and then erase it.
(*This is a step you need to remember because if you ever wash the chalkboard this has to be done again.)

I mulled over what design I should put on the chalkboard and came up with this:

And here's the final product, hanging in our den over our couch.

Now go find a frame and make one for yourself!!

TruMoo Sweepstakes

TruMoo is hosting a sweepstakes to win a Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation.  Enter to win a trip to Hollywood, a behind the scenes tour of Fox Studios, a visit to Old Town Pasadena.  Also, you'll get a $2 off coupon for a Goosebumps DVD.  Go check it out!!
. Al

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Hourglass Fall Rummage Sale :)

All week, I've been looking forward to the Fall Rummage Sale at the Hourglass.  I was supposed to go with a dear friend, but she wasn't able to go due to family tragedy.  I had to brave it alone.  I arrived promptly at 7:50 this morning to find that there were few parking spaces left and a substantial line had already formed.

After a short wait, a lady came out of the Hourglass and asked were we ready to shop.  OF COURSE everyone answered yes and they let us in!  Here's an idea of what I saw as I perused the vendors.

There were too many things to take photos of.  I just had to start looking!! And did I find some goodies :)
In no particular order, first I found this gorgeous trifle bowl (it's larger than it looks) - $5

a vintage Japanese bread and butter plate with a springtime scene, complete with Sakura blossoms - $1.50

a set of 6 vintage Japanese rice bowls and a gorgeous enamel hair comb - $2.50

a pretty little saucer with pink roses that I'm sure my daughter is going to try to steal from me - $0.25

just look at that subtle yet beautiful detail :)

a vintage Walt Disney World gold trimmed cup and saucer set - $3

 a vintage shaving brush with Badger hair and a set of antique hand painted Czechoslovakian porcelain salt cellars and s&p shakers - $4

a pre-1900s JP Masonic Flask - $0.50
this one has a crack in the side from lightning, but here is one in non-cracked condition listed for $227.50!!

an antique apothecary-style bottle complete with glass stopper - $2

of course, some Scentsy in Sticky Cinnamon Bun and my fav Simply Irresistable - $7

a vintage jasper-esque avon perfume bottle - $3

a tan hand knitted hat and scarf set - $2
(I had to have this because my grandmama has a hat very similar to this one:)

I also bought a ginormous frame which I haven't taken a picture of yet.  It will be used to make another massive chalkboard that of course will be for sale:)  Keep posted for it.

So there it is spectacular haul...all for under $40.    Drop by The Hourglass in the morning when they open their doors at 8 for some more great deals :)

Mercury Glass DIY

I've seen tutorials for DIY Mercury Glass floating around on Pinterest for quite some time now.  I've thought about it, focused on it, and finally decided that I do have enough skill to try to make some on my own.  I checked out several tutorials for DIY Mercury Glass and ended up with this one.  Cheryl from seemed to explain all the steps easy enough to follow so I gathered up my supplies and got started.
For this project, you need a clear glass container (like the vase above), a spray bottle with equal parts warm water and vinegar (I used plain white vinegar), and Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.  After you go in search of the spray paint, take a deep breath and get over the panic attack you have for seeing such a small can of paint for almost 10 bucks.

On my way out the door, I also grabbed two cheapo glass candlesticks and decided to give them the treatment too:)  First, spray the inside of your vase with the water/vinegar mixture (for the candlesticks I had to spray the outside of course).  You will see water droplets form.  LEAVE THEM THERE!!  That's what you want.  Then gently start spraying the inside of your vase with the looking glass paint.  This paint is insanely thin.  I was suspicious my can wasn't working at first.  But after each spray, give your vase a turn to evenly disburse the paint.  Let it dry for about a minute and then give it another spray.  I did this about 5 times, let it sit for about 10 minutes and repeat until you get the desired look.  It only took about 4 coats on the candlesticks.  I guess that was because I was spraying it directly.
Anywho...I know you're ready for the finished product.  So without further adieu, and no more guilding the lily...I present to you Sir Ulrich von Lichtenschtein....oh wait...wrong movie....DIY Mercury Glass!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet Belle...

Incidentally, my spot in the house for refinishing furniture is just outside of my daughter Becca's bedroom.  As I was trying to figure out what to do with my dainty new accent table, it saw Becca dressing up in one of her princess gowns.  It told me it wanted to feel pretty too and liked the simple understated elegance of Becca's Belle gown.  I told the sweet little table that I had just the thing for it:
 a soft coat of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Mustard Seed Yellow
some light distressing to allow her brown base to show through (like Belle's soft brown hair),
 and a buttery coat of Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax.
She said that she was down with everything, except she didn't want all of the busy white decoration in the picture of the dresser, so I told her that was cool; and we got started.

I couldn't get a good pic of her to start with, but here's the best idea
 of her before.

She had really dark roots so it took 3 coats of milk paint to get her consistently yellow.

After she dried, I began the distressing.  Milk paint is so glorious to distress.  All you have to do is gently run over the surface with the end of a small paint scraper, and the paint does the rest.  If it's going to distress, it distresses.  If it's not, it doesn't.  Its inescapably random and glorious at the same time and ends up giving you a unique finish every time.

And here she is in all her glory
Meet Belle....