Monday, January 6, 2014

My kids went to school today...but not like you think.

Today began a long coming journey for our household.  Due to a variety of reasons (probably its own blog post coming soon), my children have left public school.  Adam and I made the decision several months ago that after the Christmas break, the kids would begin homeschooling.  I had been wondering for so long why, after getting let go from Neal at the end of last school year, I just couldn't find a job.  It wasn't for lack of trying.  I literally applied for HUNDREDS of no avail.  I was pretty down and prayed desperately for God to show me if I was even supposed to have a job.  He a way that none of us were expecting.  As the school year began, it became clearer and clearer what God's direction would lead to for "my" spare time.  In actuality, He wanted to redeem that time for my children's education and my family's growth.  I had been so involved in what I wanted during my summer job search, that I was blindsided by what He wanted for us.  Blindsided in a good way though.  The decision to homeschool was a God-led family decision that we look forward to.  We look forward to having our little ones with us every day.  We look forward to being able to teach them the Bible unashamedly and how it applies to our lives in EVERY way.  We look forward to raising Godly little people who learn to look at the world with His eyes...instead of cookie cutter "tolerant" eyes.

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