Friday, September 20, 2013

The Hourglass Fall Rummage Sale :)

All week, I've been looking forward to the Fall Rummage Sale at the Hourglass.  I was supposed to go with a dear friend, but she wasn't able to go due to family tragedy.  I had to brave it alone.  I arrived promptly at 7:50 this morning to find that there were few parking spaces left and a substantial line had already formed.

After a short wait, a lady came out of the Hourglass and asked were we ready to shop.  OF COURSE everyone answered yes and they let us in!  Here's an idea of what I saw as I perused the vendors.

There were too many things to take photos of.  I just had to start looking!! And did I find some goodies :)
In no particular order, first I found this gorgeous trifle bowl (it's larger than it looks) - $5

a vintage Japanese bread and butter plate with a springtime scene, complete with Sakura blossoms - $1.50

a set of 6 vintage Japanese rice bowls and a gorgeous enamel hair comb - $2.50

a pretty little saucer with pink roses that I'm sure my daughter is going to try to steal from me - $0.25

just look at that subtle yet beautiful detail :)

a vintage Walt Disney World gold trimmed cup and saucer set - $3

 a vintage shaving brush with Badger hair and a set of antique hand painted Czechoslovakian porcelain salt cellars and s&p shakers - $4

a pre-1900s JP Masonic Flask - $0.50
this one has a crack in the side from lightning, but here is one in non-cracked condition listed for $227.50!!

an antique apothecary-style bottle complete with glass stopper - $2

of course, some Scentsy in Sticky Cinnamon Bun and my fav Simply Irresistable - $7

a vintage jasper-esque avon perfume bottle - $3

a tan hand knitted hat and scarf set - $2
(I had to have this because my grandmama has a hat very similar to this one:)

I also bought a ginormous frame which I haven't taken a picture of yet.  It will be used to make another massive chalkboard that of course will be for sale:)  Keep posted for it.

So there it is spectacular haul...all for under $40.    Drop by The Hourglass in the morning when they open their doors at 8 for some more great deals :)

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