Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet Belle...

Incidentally, my spot in the house for refinishing furniture is just outside of my daughter Becca's bedroom.  As I was trying to figure out what to do with my dainty new accent table, it saw Becca dressing up in one of her princess gowns.  It told me it wanted to feel pretty too and liked the simple understated elegance of Becca's Belle gown.  I told the sweet little table that I had just the thing for it:
 a soft coat of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Mustard Seed Yellow
some light distressing to allow her brown base to show through (like Belle's soft brown hair),
 and a buttery coat of Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax.
She said that she was down with everything, except she didn't want all of the busy white decoration in the picture of the dresser, so I told her that was cool; and we got started.

I couldn't get a good pic of her to start with, but here's the best idea
 of her before.

She had really dark roots so it took 3 coats of milk paint to get her consistently yellow.

After she dried, I began the distressing.  Milk paint is so glorious to distress.  All you have to do is gently run over the surface with the end of a small paint scraper, and the paint does the rest.  If it's going to distress, it distresses.  If it's not, it doesn't.  Its inescapably random and glorious at the same time and ends up giving you a unique finish every time.

And here she is in all her glory
Meet Belle....